TrufflesKenwood are known for making essential kitchen appliances, and their latest machine – the CHEF Sense kitchen machine – is no different.

Caroline from the blog All That I’m Eating recently spent some time with the new appliance to try it out with some of her favourite recipes. Homemade pistachio truffles were first on the menu and judging from the video below it looks like they turned out perfectly. Watch the video below to see Caroline’s delicious truffles and the magic of the CHEF Sense at work.

Fitted with three height adjustable baking bowl tools – a K-beater for mixing dry ingredients, a Whisk for adding maximum volume and a Dough Hook for taking the hard work out of kneading – the CHEF Sense makes baking easy.

Long-time supporter of Kenwood appliances Raymond Blanc treasures his CHEF sense: “I’ve used Kenwood’s machines for years, but the brand has really excelled itself this time. Thanks to its stylish design and advanced performance, the new CHEF Sense demonstrates real innovation in kitchen technology. It tackles recipe challenges with precision and ease. That is just what a professional chef or amateur cook desires.”

And who can argue with Raymond Blanc? In fact, Blanc has long been using the machines in his Oxfordshire kitchens, as well as in his Raymond Blanc Cookery School, to help perfect exciting and authentic dishes for guests.

For more information, visit the Kenwood website at:

Kenwood CHEF Sense RRP: £449.99 / Kenwood CHEF Sense XL RRP: £499.99 both include a 5 year guarantee.