Let's face it - watching our weight can often be a pretty miserable experience.

Although the end result is usually worth the struggle, counting calories – or measuring syns, if you’re on Slimming World – can be a tough journey.

So wherever we can find a bit of inspiration along the way is totally welcome. Enter, the David Cyril, the ultimate dieting inspo.

David, who is 86, has captured the hearts of the nation after creating his very own Slimming World Instagram account, tracking his weight loss journey.

Since sharing his first post back in September, the Slimming World member has become somewhat of an internet sensation. In just a few short weeks, his Instagram followers have grown tenfold – and he now has a whopping 108,000.

And we can totally see why dieters are flocking to his popular account. David, from Lancashire, revealed to fans in his first Instagram that he had recommitted the weight-loss club recently, after putting back on the two stone he lost the first time around.

He wrote, ‘Hello! I’m David , I have been a member of Slimming World for a good few years but after initially losing 2 stone, I have since crept back up to my start weight.

‘My daughters suggested that I start this account after one of them posted a picture of me on her own Slimming World account which received a lot of likes and positive feedback , I think starting this account will give me the encouragement I need to reach my target. Thanks for stopping by!’

And on his Instagram bio, David has revealed that while he wants to lose three stone in total, he’s already lost a stone – a pretty incredible achievement.

Internet users appear to have been utterly charmed by David’s sunny attitude to dieting. For the most part, the 86-year-old posts photos of himself settling down to eat his Slimming World-friendly meals, which range from a tasty ham salad, to a beef casserole, to an uber-healthy bowl of fruit. And in all of his snaps, without fail, David is sporting the biggest smile EVER. Talk about that #healthyeating inspiration!

He also shares with fans his weight-loss achievements along the way – as well as a few general life updates, including snaps of his grandchildren and him heading off to his local choir practise.

And it seems David has his followers utterly captivated, with many praising him for his jolly commitment to Slimming World – with others thanking him for giving them inspiration to get back to their healthy lifestyles.

One of his fans wrote, ‘Sir, I just want to say you are inspiring me to get back to healthy eating habits. I will enjoy watching your progress and seeing your lovely smile.’

While another said, ‘You’ve been the topic of [Slimming World] groups round Portsmouth! 🙌🙌😍’

And a third has commented, gushing, ‘This man is the best inspiration for slimming world 💗💗’, and a fourth wrote, ‘motivation!!! What an inspirational diamond of a human’.

And we couldn’t agree more. Here at Woman, we’ve been totally inspired by the 86-year-old! If we could all be a bit more like David, we’re sure the world would be a much happier place…