These put the fun back into fitness

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to kick-start our weight loss regimes. Whether its losing a few pounds to fit into that slinky LBD or finally putting that fitness tracker to good use, 2017 is all about the #goals.

But while our weight loss journeys can be good in theory, they can be a little harder to execute in practice. That’s where those little incentives come in – the odd square of dark chocolate after a spin session or hunk of moreish cheese when you’ve reached 10,000 steps. But it’s not all about charting your weight loss success with your favourite nibbles or tipples, why not try these inventive ways to celebrate your slimming success – pound by pound?

Weight loss jars

The piggy banks of the weight loss world, weight loss jars are the perfect way to watch our ‘savings’ grow. Simply grab a few masons jars, and a handful of beads and you’re good to go. Here are a few DIY examples to get your creative juices flowing!

The motivational key rings

Need a daily reminder of just how far you’ve come? Then the weight loss key ring is it. Add a charm every time you hit a goal and before you know it you’ll be jingling your way to the figure of your dreams.


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Lean in Jeans

Want an easy way to see how your shape has changed over the weeks and months? Then follow the example of one Flickr user who kept her jeans of varying sizes and then immortalised the dramatic shift in a photograph for all to see.


The weight loss time lapse video

When 26-year-old Amanda began taking photos to chart her weight loss she had no idea she would become a viral sensation. But after one Reddit user spotted the series of snaps and made them into a timelapse gif, she inspired dieters the world over. There are a number of time lapse video tools on the internet, so why not try it out once you have a collection of ever slimmer photos together?

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