No one will guess you’ve discovered Betty Crocker’s new chocolate cake mix! Treat yourself to a trendy ring tin for maximum impact (it will be OK cooked in a regular tin.)  Add brand to the icing sugar instead of water for a boozy frosting.


500g milk chocolate layer cake mix

2 eggs

100ml sunflower oil

225g fondant icing sugar, sieved

50g dried cranberries

50g pistachios, roughly chopped






1. Heat the oven to 108c, Gas 4.  Put the cake mix into a bowl, add the eggs, oil and water according to the pack instructions. Beat together for 3 mins until smooth.
2. Grease a 20cm ring tin, pour in the cake mix and bake for 30 mins or until a skewer pushed into the cake comes out clean.
3. Turn out on to a cake stand, cool. Gradually add up to 2tbsp hot water to the icing sugar to make a smooth icing. Spoon over the cake and top with cranberries and pistachios.

Per serving: 239 cals, 10g fat (11g saturated), 41g