One word - yum!

Cheap and so versatile, chicken thighs make the perfect weekday dinner. Whether you fancy throwing over a quick marinade or adding them to a slow-cook recipe, you’re guaranteed a quick and tasty meal.

And as well as experimenting with a range of recipe ideas, you can also use your chicken thigh dinner as an excuse to try out different cooking techniques. From boiling to roasting, from grilling to frying. Using chicken thighs as the base of your meal couldn’t be easier.

Too add a little extra oomph to your mid-week meal, why not add a delicious side? For a healthy option grill a range of Mediterranean vegetables and drizzle with a little pesto. For the perfect Autumn warmer, why not try a side of root or cauliflower mash? Stir in some crème fraiche to make it extra indulgent.

Chicken thigh ideas…the perfect accompaniment

And when it comes to the perfect tipple to go with your chicken thigh recipe, a full bodied white wine is the perfect choice. So what are you waiting for? Grab an apron and a glass and try one of our delicious chicken thigh recipes for a change. You’ll be amazed at the results and the taste!