One of these themed cheeseboards will give your turkey and trimmings a run for their money...

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a hearty cheeseboard to finish your meal (and, of course, picking at the leftovers over the next week).

But this year, it’s seemingly not enough to pick up a supermarket multi-pack or slap some cheddar and camembert on a bread board with a few crackers. That’s right, countless food bloggers have taken to Instagram to showcase their spectacular cheesy creations, prompting a trend for colourful platters with ingredients from all over the world.

The best thing? All you need to do is source the ingredients and arrange them. Any of these boards would make a show-stopping centrepiece for your festive table!

Feast your eyes on these babies…

The classic cheeseboard

If it aint broke… Crackers, grapes, cheese and chutney are the perfect combo. This will take just minutes to put together, but looks super impressive.

The ‘bit-of-everything’ board

Feast your eyes on this smorgasbord of delights, featuring a whole host of antipasto options, as well as the integral meat, cheese and bread. Delicious!

Dear wine and cheese platter, let’s make this exclusive. All day every day, me and you – forever. 😍 Love, the Sparkly wine mermaid 😘

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The Asian-inspired feast

This delectable display uses crispy wontons, sesame bites and wasabi peas to add an Asian twist to a traditional cheese offering.

The healthy option

This recipe suggests opting for goats cheeses if you’re sensitive to dairy – they’re easier to digest. Add in some nuts, fresh fruit and veggies – and some wholegrain crackers – and you’re good to go.

Antipasti perfection

Delicious Italian meats and olives make the ideal accompaniment to all cheeses, but particularly with soft, mellow ones like fresh mozzarella. Add a jar of tapenade and marinated peppers for extra flavour.

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Colour, colour, colour

Try livening up your platter with fresh, vibrant flavours – this one uses vivid beetroot, chicory and pomegranate to add lots of colour.

The no-cheese cheeseboard

This one will certainly turn heads! Using waffles, cake, fresh fruit and cream, a dessert board is the perfect option for those that prefer sweet over savoury.

The all-in-one

These metre-long boards allow for everything but the kitchen sink!

A taste of Mexico

Add guacamole, salsa, roasted corn and fresh lime to your offering for a truly unique take on the festive platter! A popular Mexican cheese is queso fresco, which is creamy and mild.

The festive treat

Why not try this recipe for baked brie with blackberry compote and candied pecans – the perfect Christmassy option, wow-factor included.

Which one is your favourite?