Celebrity fitness DVDs aim to help you get a body like your favourite celeb. But do they actually work?

We’ve donned our gym kit and spent hours in front of the TV at home (not watching The Great British Bake Off – sob!) in order to test out the very best celebrity fitness and health regimes… just for you! Scroll through the gallery below to see our recommendations for all our favourites so that you can avoid the flops… and get fit from the comfort of your own living room!

So… rather than spending a fortune on a gym membership, try one of these in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a yoga bunny or abs cruncher, there’s something for everyone. And these celebs really know their stuff! Just wait ’till you see the results!

Start by doing one of these fun and easy fitness routines just twice a week, and you’ll soon see results! We recommend setting aside one evening a week. Then one morning at the weekend! Complement your fitness routine with a light and healthy dinner or lunch. Click here for over 100 yummy recipes all under 500 cals! And

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