Discover their secrets to staying slim…

We all want to stay slim without dieting, but for most of us it just seems impossible to eat what you want and lose weight at the same time.

However, for some women, they can still indulge their love of chocolate, or have a fast food meal and still stay super slim! Is it just great genes, or is there a secret they all share? Well we’ve found out how they do it, so you too can avoid putting on weight without ever having to diet, AND still enjoy your favourite foods.


Read on to find out how those ‘lucky’ women stay slim and healthy without ever having to diet…

They watch what they eat

It’s ok to have a bit of Dairy Milk if you fancy it, or maybe even a biscuit or two, but it’s when you’re suddenly on your fourth cookie as a mid-morning snack that you’re going to see your weigh creep up. Part of staying slim isn’t about only eating salads all the time, it’s just making sure that if you’re going to treat yourself, you don’t over do it!

They shun ‘seconds’

Once you’ve plated up all of the portions of food that you’ve cooked, don’t leave the bowl, pan etc. out on the table or the side so that you can go back for seconds. Instead, be confident in the healthy portion you have given yourself and then put away the leftovers. These can make a quick, easy, zero-effort meal for the next if you just need to pop in the microwave or oven and heat-up!

They try and steer clear from ready meals

It might be a bit of trial cooking from scratch, and there’s definitely going to be some nights when you feel too tired to cook for the whole family, but making your meals yourself means you know exactly what’s going into the dish. Ready meals can be full of sugar, salt and saturated fat – even the ones that are meant to be good for you – so you can’t properly keep an eye on what you’re eating. You wouldn’t add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to your homemade pasta dish if you were cooking yourself – so eating your own meals is a way you can ensure you can still eat well without piling on the pounds.

They let themselves eat chocolate or biscuits!

If you tell yourself that you can’t eat chocolate anymore, or all sweet treats are banned from the house, then after time you are going to start craving them. If you give in to your cravings (after all you’re only human!) then you’re much more likely to eat more of the ‘bad foods’ then you would have done if you’d just take one biscuit when you were offered it but said no. Allow yourself the occasional treat that you love but resist binging on them.

They make sure they’re full

Instead of eating a bowl of salad and trying to convince yourself that it’s satisfying, instead make sure you’ve got a proper portion of protein with every meal. This doesn’t have to be meat, fish, eggs, nuts, lentils, quinoa and even some peanut butter are all just some examples of foods that can give you a source of protein. By incorporating protein into as many meals as possible, you are less likely to get hungry in-between meals and snack – which will help you stay slim!

They know their own bodies

The number on the scales isn’t necessarily the best way to monitor your health, as these numbers can fluctuate for a number of reasons. Women who can avoid putting on weight without ever having to diet can tell if they’ve overdone it after a big holiday or an indulgent weekend by the way their bodies feel and their clothes fit! If you’ve been enjoying a bit too much of your favourite treat foods and can feel your jeans getting a bit tight, try cutting back a bit (not cutting out forever) until they get comfortable again.