Indigestion? Slow metabolism? Wrinkles? Want to lose weight fast? There’s a tea for that!

We normally think of tea as the perfect place to dunk your chocolate biscuit, but carefully selecting your chosen cuppa can come with huge health benefits.

Here we give you some of the best teas to help with everyday health problems, from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, to cutting liver disease, Parkinson’s and even the risk of cancer.

So what’s so healthy about it, I hear you ask? Well, around four cups of tea a day first of all adds to your daily intake of fluid plus any added milk will provide some calcium and B vitamins. Other health benefits stem from the great combination of caffeine (linked to liver health), flavonoids and antioxidants, plus amino acid L-theanine.

The following teas have amazing health benefits and can be drunk everyday or as when you need them! These teas have great flavours so you won’t need to add sugar or other sweet treats to them as these can reduce their health benefits by increasing your calorie and fat intake!

How to make the perfect cuppa!

  • In a mug: Teabag. Water. Milk. Pouring milk first lowers the water temperature and doesn’t allow the tea to brew properly.
  • From a teapot: Allow one tea bag per person. Pour the milk into the cup first, if you like.
  • Store your healing teabags in an airtight container in a cool dry area. Try to finish them within six months too! After this time your teas will become less affective.
  • Try to choose teabags that are room so leaves can expand and release more flavour and goodness.
  • Make your black tea with boiling water and steep in the water for four to five minutes.
  • For herbal teas wait about a minute after boiling for a slightly cooler water temperature. Steep them for two to three minutes to get the most goodness out of them.
  • Try to have your tea at least an hour before or after a meal as the tannins contained can reduce the amount of iron absorbed into the body! Very important for us women.