Hold the bun! Ok, so a burger might not seem like a burger without the bun, but let us try and persuade you with these mouth-watering stacks. Whether you’re trying to cut down on bread or just fancy trying something new in the kitchen, these easy burger recipes really are a must-try…


1. Portobello mushroom buns


Portobello mushrooms are the perfect size to take over the usual bun role.

Source: letsregale.com 


2. Cauliflower buns


It might look like a normal bread bun at first glance, but this mouth-watering bite is actually held together by cauliflower ‘bread’ buns – genius! If you’ve ever grated cauliflower to make a substitute for rice, this is made along the same lines but formed together to make delicious buns. Note to self: stock up on cauliflower on the next supermarket shop.

Source: popaneggonit.com


3. Sweet potato noodle buns


Introducing the sweet potato noodle bun! Teaming it with avocado and kale, it gives it a super health kick and lovely added crunch.

Source: inspiralized.com


4. Sweet potato buns


And speaking of sweet potato, these sliders with pulled pork would make the perfect addition to any buffet.

Source: laurenslatest.com


5. The lettuce bun


Keep things easy and wrap your burger stack in a large lettuce leaf for easy peasy dining.

Source: domesticate-me.com


 6. Courgette bun burgers










What a clever way with courgette!

Source: simplyquinoa.com


7. Tomato bun sliders


Tomatoes are definitely the juiciest way to hold things together.

Source: theironyou.com

Don’t forget the sauce! See our favourite topping to pick up on your weekly shop here.