You’ve got a plan. You’ve cut out the crisps and unhealthy snacks. You’re staying away from fizzy drinks. You’ve swapped your usual dinner time favourites for salads. You’re eating healthy with calorie controlled portions. Perhaps you’ve started trying to walk further every day. Or, maybe you’ve started hitting the gym.

But what happens if you’re doing all of the above, but you’re still not seeing results when it comes to trying to lose weight. Well, you might just be making the biggest mistake made by many people when they want to lose weight.

One of the biggest diet mistakes

It’s a common misconception that you have to go hungry to shed pounds. Although eating smaller portions definitely helps to lose weight, you should be thinking less about how much you are eating and more about WHAT you are eating. So, you can still have a filling lunch or satisfying dinner, as long as you are making healthy food choices.

Creator of ‘The Fit Body Guides’ and Instagram star Anna Victoria explains in more detail below:

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to eat less to get results,” Victoria told INSIDER. “When you make healthy food swaps, you’re [often] going to such low-calorie foods that you need to eat a much bigger quantity to get all the nutrition that you need.”

“It’s great to make a healthy swap and eat three cups of spinach instead of three cups of pasta, for example. But those three cups of spinach only have 21 calories, compared to the pasta’s 588. You’ll probably need to eat some more — especially if your stomach’s growling after a strength training session.”

“A lot of times I’m working with women who are so terrified of eating more food, because they look at the quantity, [and] they’re like, ‘I’m going to gain weight, I can’t do this,'” Victoria said. “And then they do it and they say, ‘I feel amazing, I’m seeing progress. I never thought that I could eat and get results.'”

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A better way to eat when trying to diet

Shona Wilkinson, who is a nutritionist at the online shopping destination for health & wellbeing, agrees.

“We know that restrictive diets don’t work” Shona told us. “There has been a real shift away from this type of dieting behaviour and a move to more healthy and nutritious eating.”

So, what should you be doing? Shona shared some advice with us on how to get started:

“The way to go forward is to eat nutrient dense foods such as oily fish, vegetables and berries. These will help your body receive all the nutrients it needs as well as being filling foods.”

“This type of regular healthy eating will also help balance your blood sugar levels and help prevent cravings. It also has the added benefit of stopping your body going into starvation mode and `grabbing` onto calories when it next comes across them.”

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However, Shona also emphasises that whilst it’s important that you don’t feel hungry, you also want to avoid feeling ‘stuffed’ after a meal. Instead, it’s all about feeling satisfied when you’ve finished a meal.

“It’s important to try and pay attention to how your stomach is feeling and eat slowly, rather than eating everything that’s in front of you. It’s important that you eat to feel satisfied, as opposed to stuffing yourself.