sophie hosking gold medallist rowerThere are lots of things you can do to hide wobbly upper arms but if you want to banish your bingo wings for good, it’s time to get acquainted with the rowing machine. Here are five fitness facts to get you motivated and ready to reach for the rower…

1. 20 minutes on the rowing machine each day is better than three 40 minute sessions at the gym – intense bursts provide faster results

2. It works every part of your body, not just your arms so expect a tighter stomach, toned legs and a firm bottom too!

3. Rowing cuts calories fast because it quickly raises the body’s metabolic rate which in turn burns fat

4. The harder you pull the more resistance you develop which works the arm muscles more and will give more impressive results.

5. Rowing is low-impact so if you’re worried about old injuries or low fitness levels, don’t – you can alter the settings to fit your fitness levels and overall goals.

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