bangers-and-butter-bean-mash-recipeLove bangers and mash? You can still enjoy the comfort food fave if you’re trying to be good as our slimmer version uses low-fat sausages and a butter bean mash so it comes in at under 250 cals – enjoy!


2 low-fat sausages

20g sliced onions

1tsp balsamic vinegar

50ml skimmed milk

1 crushed garlic clove

130g butter beans (drained weight)

1/8 Knorr Gravy Pot

2tsp chives

100ml boiling water



1. Bake the low-fat sausages. Fry the sliced onions in 1tbsp water for 5 mins. Add the vinegar and cook for 5 more mins. Meanwhile, pour the skimmed milk into a pan with the crushed garlic clove and gently warm. Add salt and the butter beans, then mash using a stick blender.

2. Remove onions from the pan. Add 100ml boiling water and 1/8 of the Knorr Gravy Pot. Whisk over the heat until smooth.

3. Serve the butter bean mash sprinkled with 2tsp chives and topped with the sausages, onion and gravy.


246 calories per serving