Just when you thought you’d seen it all, someone comes up with a recipe for bacon brownies.

bacon brownies recipe image

In theory, they should taste great. As Joey from Friends would say – Brownies? Good! Bacon? Good! Bacon Brownies? Surely, good?!


But will combining our favourite sweet treat with a key fry-up ingredient really work? Well, the recipe inventor Amanda from A Cookie Named Desire certainly seems to think so! She describes her creation as, “Sweet, salty, and utterly addictive”. And looking at her photograph below, we’re inclined to agree with her…

Bacon brownies. Yeah, they're as life changing as you imagine 🐷🍫❤️ P. S. Why isn't there a bacon emoji?!

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Containing eight rashers of bacon and a nice dose of maple syrup, the recipe uses the classic ‘sweet and savoury’ combo to create baking bliss. You cook the bacon first, to make it nice and crispy, before combining it with your brownie mix.

Tempted to give them a go? Get the recipe from Amanda’s blog HERE.

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