Wondering what to eat for dinner for weight loss? Well, these are the two things you should NEVER eat for dinner if you’re trying to lose weight…

We all know that drinking fizzy drinks are bad for you. They are full of sugar that not only plays havoc with your teeth, but is also been proven to be one of the ultimate enemies to anyone trying to lose weight.

Despite the warnings, and how unhealthy the different drinks are, many people still choose to enjoy a fizzy drink every now and again. Whether it be with dinner or at the cinema, or maybe as a mixer to their favourite tipple before a night out.

Well, a new study has found that regardless of everything we already know about fizzy drinks, they could be even worse for us that we first thought.

According to BMC nutrition, if you drink a sugar sweetened drink whilst enjoying a protein rich meal such as steak or a roast dinner with chicken or lamb, the combination of the two will affect your metabolism, and cause your body to build up and store more fat.

what to eat for dinner for weight loss

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, the worst thing you could do is enjoy a roast whilst sipping on a cold coca-cola!

Wondering what to eat for dinner for weight loss? Why not try one of these easy, low-cal meal ideas?

To conduct the research, BMC nutrition asked volunteers to enter a metabolic chamber for 24 hours on two different occasions. This way, the scientists could measure how the body processes food and drink, in terms of what calories burn off, and what fat, protein and carbohydrates are stored.

The tests revealed that drinking a sugary drink whilst eating decreased fat use, and the results were even worse if the meal was protein-rich.

Eating protein-rich meals is a great way to reduce carbs but still feel full at the end of a meal, so can be a great meal option if you’re trying to lose weight. Just don’t hinder your progress by drinking a fizzy drink too!