Classic bright yellow American mustard mixed with light Italian dressing perks up the pasta with pastrami  (cured smoked beef) and gherkins. A perfect combination of flavours!

SERVES  6 – PREP 5 mins – COOK 10 mins

200g fusilli pasta

1tbsp American classic yellow mustard

4tbsp light Italian dressing

6 gherkins, sliced

18 cherry tomatoes, halved

8 slices pastrami

3tbsp parsley, chopped





1 Boil the pasta in a large pan of salted water for 10 mins.

2 Meanwhile, put the mustard in a large bowl, whisk in the Italian dressing. Add the gherkins, tomatoes, pastrami and parsley.

3 Drain the pasta and stir together with the other ingredients. Serve warm or cold.

Per serving: 210 cals, 9g fat, (1g saturated), 27g carbs

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