Gemma was at her heaviest during filming of TOWIE and before her famous stint on I’m A Celebrity. The 36-year-old tearfully admitted on Channel 5’s ‘In Therapy’ show that she was encouraged to go on a series of ‘yo-yo diets’ to make money but it was devastating for her health and self-esteem.

Gemma revealed:
“Agents told me that in the celebrity world, it’s love life and weight gain and loss that people are interested in.

I can remember it all, people telling me you need to go over to the park in gym wear and them saying “we want to get some terrible shots of you but then you will get £15,000 for the pictures Gemma”

Looking back now I would never ever have gone down the route of the weight gain and weight loss but it was just a fast way to a quick bit of money.”

Gemma lost a massive 3st thanks to a strict juice diet. The star also visited Jason Vale’s juicy retreat in Portugal, with dramatic results. She now walks a lot to keep in shape.

The former ‘TOWIE’ star has also turned to hypnotherapy in the past as she admitted she needed help to conquer her ‘obsession with food’.

Showing off her latest designs on Instagram, fans were quick to compliment the Essex-born designer on her slimmer figure.