This is how they did it!

These celebrities have slimmed down and toned up thanks to following a calorie controlled diet and taking up exercise! No going under the knife for these dedicated stars! It’s all about cleaning up their diet and hitting the gym – it’s that simple! With fuller, curvier figures before these amazing celebrity before and after weight loss pictures show the results of hard work and dedication. So what are you waiting for? This New Year is the time to try something new and lose the pounds!


Even celebrities need a few tricks and tips up their sleeves when it comes to looking slim for an event or swimsuit season! Well, we want in! So we’ve done some digging and found out what they did to lose all the weight.

Plus they aren’t all crazy diets and complicated exercise routines that no one will really be able to follow, they actually make a lot of sense! Gemma Collins took up walking, Charlotte Crosby did boxing at the gym and Fern Britton took up dancing!

Check out these amazing celebrity before and after weight loss pictures…