This is not a drill! You can get a magnum of prosecco from Aldi only £12.99! What better way to cater for a big brunch or boozy picnic?

If you love prosecco, this news will certainly brighten your day, week, month, maybe even year! You can grab a magnum of prosecco from Aldi for just £12.99. That’s right, 150cl of bubbly, deliciousness for under £15!

A magnum of prosecco will serve you and your friends around 10 glasses. £1.29 a glass – that’s  pretty good value!

Although you might need to reshuffle your fridge a little so that there is room for it to chill, a magnum of prosecco is the perfect solution when you want to provide some bubbles for a big group.

Plus, all the major supermarkets are getting in on the magnum movement. Aldi’s magnum of prosecco is the cheapest but ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco aren’t far behind at all.

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Supermarket deals on a magnum of prosecco:

magnum of prosecco

Aldi, £12.99

The Belletti Prosecco DOC Magnum is described as having “citrus fruit and floral features”.

magnum of prosecco

Tesco, £15

Tesco’s Plaza Centro Brut Prosecco is described as “lively and refreshing”. It is full of “bright citrus fruit flavours with background floral notes”.

ASDA, £15.98 – however it is currently on offer and costs just £14

The Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco Magnum from ASDA has “a deliciously soft and appley” taste.

Sainsbury, £19

Sainsbury’s Conegliano Prosecco, Taste the Difference is best served alongside a platter of antipasti. It is described as “elegant and crisp” with delicate flavours of apricot, pear and citrus.

Morrisons, £19 – however it is currently on offer and costs just £14

Grab a bottle of Morrisons’ Menestrello Prosecco Magnum before the promotion ends! It has notes of lemon and is perfect enjoyed on its own or alongside a Italian feast.

Waitrose, £20.99 – however it is currently on offer and costs just £15.49

The San Leo Prosecco from Waitrose is one of their best-selling varieties. Available in a magnum size, what is not to like? With a “citrus-rich character and bundles of charm” this prosecco is very highly recommended by the supermarket.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to your local supermarket and kick start that boozy brunch…