The recent hot weather means it's officially summer in the UK - woohoo!

Okay, let’s forget about the occassional downpours of rain that threaten to dampen (literally) our spirits – and focus on the upcoming days of BBQ’s, parks and beaches in the sun.

Because what’s better for a day spent lounging in the rays than an ice-cold cider to enjoy?

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And if that’s right up your street, you’re in luck, as Aldi have just launched a range of delicious sounding fruity ciders, which will be ideal for the months ahead.

The Alska ciders come in two different fruity flavours; a rhubarb and pink grapefruit, and a peach mango and lime. Our mouth are watering already…

They’ll work for everyone too, as the tasty, bubbly drinks are also vegan friendly and gluten-free! They contain 4% alcohol, so have a reasonable enough alcohol content to enjoy on a weekday night too, if you feel like it…

But best of all, the new Aldi ciders are available for a very reasonable price indeed, and will be selling in stores for just 99p. Yep, you heard that right!

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If you want a couple of cans for yourself and your friends thought, you might want to act fast, because according to The Mirror, they’ve been selling out in stores very quickly.

We’d imagine that on hot weekends or evenings shoppers will be snapping them up, so be sure to get your ASAP!

Aldi are following in the footsteps of Marks & Spencer with the affordable new cans of booze, with M&S having just released their own ‘cocktails in a can’ for the summer months.

So which will you be trying?