Jennifer Lopez turns 48 this year and she looks better than ever. Her killer curves and enviable figure are often the subject of scrutiny on red carpets and at glamorous Hollywood events as onlookers speculate how the mum-of-two always looks so good.

Well, it’s no fluke that J-Lo looks incredible time after time. The performer follows a careful diet. She never eats processed food – only organic – and makes sure she hits the gym when she can.

However, it’s not all salads and superfood smoothies for the award winning singer. Jennifer gets snack cravings like the rest of us. However, instead of reaching for a biscuit or a bar of chocolate, the performer stays in shape by avoiding sugary snacks.

“I always have healthy snacks, like fruits and vegetables, with me,” she revealed to People magazine.

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But, you’ll be pleased to hear, J-Lo isn’t always super strict with her diet! The mum-of-two likes to give herself a treat now and again just like the rest of us. Her favourite ‘naughty’ treat? Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip ice-cream!

However, despite her occasional sweet treats, there are three things that the singer stays well away from in order to look so great. “I don’t drink or smoke or have caffeine,” she revealed in an interview with UsWeekly. We all know that coffee and alcohol are full of hidden calories as well as the ultimate diet ruining ingredient – sugar! To discover how to cut the calories in your morning coffee or to find out what alcoholic drinks have the lowest calories, select one of the links below.

Here’s what a day on the Jennifer Lopez diet plan would look like…