There’s no better time if you love cheese than Christmas.

During the festive season, a feast is not complete without a cheeseboard offering at the end. Baked Camembert is a legitimate meal time option. Plus, all the supermarkets start selling variations on our favorites such as Wensleydale with cranberries or Brie with truffle. * drools *


Over Christmas you might worry that you are eating too much cheese. Well, fear not fromage fans! If new research is to be believed, cheese could be the key to long life!

cheese science live longer

 A study published in the Nature Medicine journal explained that researchers have been analysing a certain compound found in cheese that if eaten, could add years to your life.

They found that those who reported a higher intake of cheese with this compound had lower blood pressure and a 40% lower risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, this isn’t just a compound found in some questionable, ‘low fat’ version of cheese either. Scientists surveyed 800 Italians and their diets as part of their research – and as we all know, the Italians are pretty serious about food and making sure it tastes delicious.

So, you’ll find us aged 100, still tucking in to the cheeseboard at Christmas thank you very much cheese science! Everything in moderation though, of course. They still haven’t invented a delicious and authentic tasting 0 calorie cheese yet, unfortunately.


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