It’s hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since Andie McDowell starred in classic film Four Weddings and a Funeral as Carrie.

But looking at the latest photo of her, it seems that the actress hasn’t aged a day in that time despite having turned 60 just a few weeks ago.

Andie posed for an Instagram photo on Friday from behind the scenes of what appears to be a L’Oreal photoshoot and looked every inch the same glamourpuss she was in the 1990s.

“Hanging with my posse #beauty #bts #secretproject #glam,” the movie star captioned the snap.

Hanging with my posse #beauty #bts #secretproject #glam

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With her signature long brown locks styled in waves, Andie appears to have barely changed since she first shot to fame.

The American starlet poses alongside celebrity hair stylist Dayaruci and make-up artist Mary Greenwell for the glam picture and fans have been left stunned by her ageless appearance.

“Wow !! Seriously you just don’t age !! Beautiful,” one commented, whilst another said: “Andie macdowell hasn’t aged a day!!!”

And one simply said: “So beautiful as always”

Andie was famed for starring in several hit films in the 1980 and 1990s, including Sex, Lies, and Videotapes and Groundhog Day.

In recent years she has appeared in fewer big movies but appeared as a foul-mouthed mother in 2015 flick Magic Mike XXL.

And after that role Andie confessed that she wasn’t too happy about women of her age being labelled as “cougars”.

“I just think it’s unnecessary. It’s demeaning,” she told The Guardian at the time. “I think the idea that men get more handsome and sexier as they get older is a fallacy.

“There’s no difference. We’re the same. It was a way to empower men and disempower women. And that’s changing, because if I wanna date someone that’s 20 years younger than me, I can do that now.”

Andie was married to former model Paul Qualley from 1986 to 1999 and they had three children together. She went on to wed businessman Rhett Hartzogin 2001 but they divorced in 2004.

She recently revealed that she’s not dating right now and has said of the idea of having another relationship: “I can’t do it again.”