Could this be our future king?!



The world is obsessed with pictures of the cheekiest, cutest royal ever – Prince George!

So it’s no surprise that the internet has gone into meltdown mode after scientists released a pic of what the toddler will look like as an adult.

The mock-up of George, aged 20, was created by an ageing software programme at the University of Bradford.

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‘We take specific facial features. Very simple things like nose length is quite unique for that person, so we look at nose length, the width of the nose, the distance between eyes.

‘So these are facial features that the computer recognises as the person,’ explained researcher Hassan Ugail. 

‘We take these – roughly 30 to 40 facial features we take from the face – and we use these facial features; we map it into the machine and then we produce the age.’

Here is it, Prince George aged 20…


So what’s the verdict – does he look more like Kate or Wills?!

Obviously other factors, such as lifestyle, diet, and, of course, fashion can make a BIG difference to a person’s appearance, but this mock-up at least gives us a rough idea.

A handsome chap, don’t you think?!

Shame we’ll have to wait another 18 years or so to find out if it’s accurate!