Will Young has revealed how he went to worrying and extreme lengths to get out of doing Strictly Come Dancing after struggling with his mental health.

The singer famously quit the show in 2016 just weeks into the competition citing “personal reasons” and has now admitted that he was suffering from severe depression and trauma.

This became so bad in the run-up to the series that Will, 39, came up with an alarming way he could possibly avoid having to take part.

“Mental illness is mental illness. I was unwell,” the former Pop Idol winner explains. “In the weeks leading up to Strictly, all I could think about was how could I get out of doing the show.

“I knew I didn’t have the strength, that I wasn’t in the right place and that I would do myself real damage.

“I actually looked into the easiest way to break my legs so I couldn’t dance. That’s how bad it was.”

Will was partnered with Karen Clifton during his brief time on the show and the pair often impressed the judges with their performances, though did end up in a row with Len Goodman when the veteran dancer told him to “show up, keep up and shut up” following his Salsa routine.

It wasn’t just during Strictly that the music star has battled with his mental health though.

In fact Will admits to having spent £500,000 on therapy over the course of his life in an attempt to beat his demons and confesses to being very unhappy when he first found fame on Pop Idol in 2002.

“I hated being a pop star,” he tells Event magazine. “I would never put out a record again. It makes me sick to think of being that person I knew wasn’t really me.

“I did have some good times and did meet some very good people, but I was never comfortable, never happy.

“You get the record deal, the big hits, the beautiful house but you’re not right on the inside, and you either get worse and worse or you try to deal with it. You try to work out where you really want to be.”

Now Will is fortunately in a better place, having found success on the stage, and is appearing in the new production of Strictly Ballroom The Musical in London’s West End.