Social media has exploded with Buckingham Palace rumours….

Something went down at the Buckingham Palace this morning. And everyone has been freaking out.

At 8am, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen was to hold an emergency meeting with all staff. Cue news agencies from around the world gathering outside, eagerly awaiting the royal news.

There was much speculation about what was what happening in this ‘urgent’ and ‘unusual’ meeting.

Could it be a pregnancy? An engagement? Or, worse? Could the Queen or Philip be in ill health? While, the Palace didn’t say much about the ’emergency’, they did confirm that the announcement was nothing  to do with the Queen or Philip’s health.

But that didn’t stop widespread concern and speculation, with the rumours coming in thick and fast. Here are the most ridiculous (and hilarious!) theories about what was going on at Buckingham Palace…

Here’s a rumour we can get on board with!



We’d totally visit this Airbnb property! 

I mean, this one was entirely possible….

Um, little far fetched!

Thank goodness it’s not true!

Well, this is also plausible 

The reality was, in fact, something a lot less exciting.

Prince Philip will be retiring from his public duties. The official statement revealed that Prince Philip, who is 96 in June, will no longer carry out public engagements from Autumn this year.

Liz, you had us all worried there!