Victoria Beckham is reportedly very angry about her husband’s blossoming friendship with Lady Mary Charteris.

According to The Sun, the fashion designer and singer has become irritated by how much time David is spending with the socialite.

David and Mary first met at Glastonbury, where they were introduced via David’s footballer friend Dave Gardner.

A source close to the Beckhams told The Sun: “David has spent time partying with Mary at events into the early hours of the morning.

“They were introduced by Dave and Victoria is very worried that she is not the best influence on David. They met at Glastonbury, but Victoria is not fond of her.”

lady mary charteris

David and Victoria alongside pal Dave Gardner and socialite Lady Mary Charteris

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Victoria’s concern is understandable. Mary has a reputation as a party girl who isn’t afraid to go all out. This year the 30-year-old admitted to being bed-ridden after attending Noel Gallagher’s cocaine-themed birthday party.

"I fuckin love a fez". I Love you two very much. Thank you for the most amazing weekend. I've had to make a doctor's appointment and been bed bound since but completely worth it.

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However Mary is married to musician Robbie Furze and has been since 2012. She famously wore an unconventional see-through gown, with no underwear underneath.

lady mary charteris wedding

She is the daughter James Charteris, the 13th Earl of Wemyss and 9th Earl of March.

This is not the first time that reports have surfaced that Victoria is worried about David’s partying habits.

A showbiz source told The Sun: “Victoria is working harder than ever and is incredibly focused on running a business and being a working mother.”

She's a real lady and as for me ha, you'll see. #WhatAbabe ✌🏻️

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They added: “David has never had more time on his hands, despite his very successful business. He’s a doting dad and spends so much time with his kids.

“But he still hasn’t got used to life without the routine of professional football. Quite frankly, he’s bored. That has led to a lot of partying and big nights out with friends like Dave, Alexa and Poppy, which Victoria doesn’t like.”