When you’re two of the most famous women in the world, it makes sense that you’d probably find something in common.

And for Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham, it seems that there’s a few similarites that means the pair have ended up becoming close confidantes recently.

First, there’s the pair’s close connections to the royal family. Meghan is of course the Duchess of Sussex after marrying Prince Harry, while VB and hubby David have always been close buds with the younger royals. In fact, the couple even attended Catherine and William’s wedding in 2011.

But it looks as though Meghan’s big move to the UK has resulted in a blossoming friendship for the two lovely ladies. Reportedly, the stylish pair have recently bonded over fancy skincare regimens.

Days before her engagement announcement, Megs was spotted emerging from facialist Sarah Champan’s King’s Road shop. And it was a recommendation, it seems, that came from her new BFF.

Apparently, VB gave Meghan a whole list of exclusive salons to visit in the capital, following her big move across the pond.

And according to The Sun, Victoria has also helped Meghan to make new friends, after moving her whole life over to London to be with her Prince.

A source told the publication, “Meghan has been really pleased with Victoria’s beauty recommendations and has her to thank for meeting new friends in London.

“They have grown close and ­regularly text after Victoria told Meghan to visit Sarah Chapman, who bills herself ‘London’s most sought-after facialist’.

“Meghan trusts and appreciates her advice. She is even thinking about using Victoria’s ­hairdresser over the Christmas ­period.” Ooh!

According to reports, Victoria always favours the salon Hershesons in Knightsbridge, an exclusive A-list salon. So could Meghan be heading there for her next chop? We’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, hands up who would love to see this pair enjoying a girls night out together?!