"They get what they want and then..."

It takes a thick skin to navigate the cut throat world of talent show competitions. But while judges’ no-holds-barred critiques, contestant in-fighting and surprise eliminations are all par for the course, for one would-be singer his experience on hit ITV show the X Factor came as a complete shock.

X Factor

Former Big Brother contestant Simon Gross – who also appeared on the show in 2014 – made it all the way to the Boot Camp this series. But despite this achievement, he revealed that his memories from his stint in the spotlight are less than positive.

Speaking to the Daily Star he explained:

“I was waiting for 12 hours to audition, and I didn’t eat anything or drink anything and you’re in a hot room all day.

“I felt like I was being treated like an animal.”

X Factor

Continuing he added: “They get what they want and then you’re forgotten about.”

Responding to Simon’s claims, an X Factor spokesperson told Digital Spy: “We work hard to ensure all contestants’ needs are met and kept as comfortable as possible during all stages of filming.

“Contestants are welcome to take breaks and leave the holding room in between filming as well as being provided with water and being made aware as to where food is available.”

Life after the X Factor

Crikey! On a brighter note, Simon will at least be getting to see his name up in lights soon as he revealed that he’ll be starring in ‘London’s number one Adult Pantomine’. Can we call that a fairytale ending?