This Morning fans were stunned by a bizarre debate on today’s show which led to Ruth Langsford admitting she’s weed in the shower.

The programme hosted a discussion on whether it’s ever okay to urinate whilst taking a shower, with WAG Lizzie Cundy arguing that it is acceptable.

In fact she confessed that she’d actually committed the act earlier today at Anthea Turner’s house.

“Hi Anthea if you are watching. She’ll know now hopefully!” said Lizzie, 48. “It’s most hygienic, it washes away, it’s cost effective, it’s economic. It’s good for the environment. I think if most of us are honest, we have weed in the shower.

“It rinses away, it goes down the same plug hole, and it’s more hygienic than using the loo. We all have busy lives. Go with the flow, that’s what I say.”

Meanwhile etiquette expert William Hanson opposed peeing in the shower – which he was adamant he has never done – and called the habit ‘disgusting’.

Ruth, 58, stepped in to support Lizzie’s view though by admitting: “Hands up, I have done it, but I don’t use it as my toilet of choice.

“Sorry I don’t believe the people who say they’ve never done it!”

Eamonn didn’t seem awfully impressed by her revelation though.

“So that’s what that smell is in our bathroom!” the 58-year-old joked.

Lizzie and Ruth’s confessions certainly seemed to cause a stir amongst This Morning viewers.

“Disgusting, unnecessary and a vile habit to adopt,” one fan tweeted, whilst another wrote about the results of a poll revealing that 72 percent of viewers claimed they do it: “I’m shocked that so many say yes!! I’ve never ever wee’d in the shower. I find it utterly bizarre”

Meanwhile others were simply baffled that the subject was being debated on This Morning in the first place, with one viewer posting: “Is this actually a segment?! Hilarious haha”

“Are they really debating about whether it’s ok to wee in the shower on @thismorning?” a fellow watcher added.

Well it was certainly an original topic for a debate!