We’ve always suspected that Princess Charlotte was one of the cheekiest members of the royal family (apart from Prince Harry). And now, the little’uns great-grandmother has confirmed that the adorable 2-year-old is actually the bossiest sibling in the Cambridge family too!

Far from being looked after by her big bro, it seems the young Princess is actually the one to keep an eye out for Prince George – according to great-granny, the Queen.

The monarch was at an event yesterday at Sandringham House in Norfolk. She was there to present a Bible to a local schoolchild, Emily, 10, as prize for doing the best in a religious studies project.

While there, the Queen met Emily’s mother, Ellen Clay, to whom she spoke about Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ellen revealed how the Queen told her that Charlotte is usually the one taking care of her older sibling.

“She asked if Emily looked after Hadleigh [Ellen’s youngest child] and I said it was more the other way round. She said it was like that with Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

“The Queen was implying that Charlotte keeps an eye out for George rather than the other way around,” her husband added. So sweet!

Ellen continued, “It is often the case that a younger child is more confident. It is second child syndrome.”

It’s one of the only times the proud great-granny (or gan gan, as they call her) has spoken pubicly about William and Kate’s children.
Catherine and William have however often spoken about how confident their little girl is, with the Duchess last year admitting that Charlotte was “the one in charge” in the family.
And on a recent visit to Aintree University Hospital, William admitted to patients that his daughter “will be trouble” when she’s older. He also confessed that while George currently rules the roost, Charlotte “isn’t far behind”.
It looks as though both of the Cambridge siblings will be more than confident leading the country some day!