There’s no denying that we all love The Great British Bake Off, so when celebs are thrown into the mix it only gets better.

And, after Tuesday night’s episode, Countdown presenter Nick Hewer earned himself a whole new army of fans.

He was left in a right conundrum after the celebrities were required to create a croquembouche showstopper in the form of a portrait of themselves.

But, it’s safe to say baking is not Nick’s forte.

The 74-year-old struggled to even make the mixture for his choux pastry, in fact it was so bad he ended up making the mixture an impressive FIVE times, and even after that his pastries weren’t edible. Oops!

Nick got through 23 eggs, and even described his sloppy mixture as if ‘a dog with tummy trouble has just passed through’.

And, with judge Paul Hollywood describing his final offerings as a Yorkshire pudding, and fellow judge Prue Leith explaining that they had no filling, it’s safe to say they were less than impressed.

But, viewers of the show were delighted by Nick’s appearance and we’re left crying with laughter after witnessing his baking fail.

‘Crying tears of laughter at Nick trying to make a croquembouche on #SU2C on #gbbo,’one fan wrote on Twitter.

While another said: ‘Can’t stop laughing at Nick Hewer baking. The funniest #GBBO ever. Great TV viewing!’

A third added: ‘Catching up on last night’s #GBBO and I am CRYING at Nick! So funny!! “You try filling a biscuit”’.

And they weren’t the only ones…

Nick was joined on the show by Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon, Kasier Chiefs’ singer Ricky Wilson and Diversity’s Perri Kiely.

After three rounds of baking entertainment, it was Perri who took the crown of star baker for his impressive croquembouche of himself.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store in next week’s episode!