Let’s be honest, The Chase‘s Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty is one lady you do not want to get on the wrong side of.

Fiercely intelligent, she often puts contestants in their place on the ITV show – serving up some brilliantly sassy comebacks and witty responses.

So it came as no surprise when the undisputed Queen of TV hit back at a social media user, when he posted a rather homophobic comment directed at The Chase.

Appearing to refer to a man – who may have been dressed in drag – who appeared on a recent episode of the quiz show, one social media user wrote, “#TheChase l really think it is mischievous and highly irresponsible of ITV to allow people of this sort to appear on a family show. I feel quite disgusted.”

To which Anne simply responded, “Oh, don’t be such a sad f*****.”

The Chase’s quiz genius was then hit with another response from the Twitter user, who sarcastically responded, “Beatifully argued.”

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But Anne rose above the comment – instead choosing to correct the man’s spelling. She wrote, “I thought so. And it’s ‘beautifully’.”

Go Anne!

Fans were quick to praise Anne’s apt retort to the comment, praising her for calling out the social media troll.

One wrote, “You’re swiftly becoming my hero, Anne…”, while another agreed, “Anne is an absolute legend #TrueStory 😂”.

Anne’s fellow The Chase co-star Mark Labbett (otherwise known as ‘The Beast’) also weighed in on the action.

He responded, echoing Anne’s comments in calling out the Twitter user. Mark wrote, “We welcome everyone on the show… and you really are a sad F***** Mr Cantab”.

And Paul Sinha, a fellow ‘Chaser’, also expressed his disappointment in the negative comments.

He wrote, “I can’t fathom the mentality of those genuinely angry about a drag queen on #thechase. We have always been inclusive.”