Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid was caught off guard when she and Piers Morgan were likened to a married couple during their usual stint on Good Morning Britain...

They argue like a married couple and now Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan have been likened to one too.

Susanna, 47, and Piers, 53, were caught bickering during the Good Morning Britain ad break by their guest and criminal laywer, Jerry Hayes, who told the pair they “should get married”.

“I thought you just did this [argued] for the telly,” he joked. “You two should get married, no sex and lots of rows.”


The mum-of-three looked stunned at the suggestion and even more so when Piers – who is married to Celia Walden – joked, “Shall we do it the other way around?”

It’s not the first time Susanna has been left red-faced live on the show, after Piers quizzed her and Kate Garraway on their bedroom antics earlier this summer.

During a discussion about Love Island Piers turned to his co-host and asked, “Are you more adventurous in bed than Love Island contestants?”

“I just want to know what advice Kate Garraway has got for me,” she replied, embarrassed.

Kate desperately tried to change the topic, saying, “Oh my god it’s breakfast time!”

Thankfully Piers’ wife Celia knows exactly what he’s like and doesn’t take Piers referring both Celia and Susanna as his “two merry wives” personally.

On what his wife really thinks of his friendship with newly-single Susanna, Piers explained, “Celia just looks at it with total bafflement that any other woman would even consider being interested in my romantic entreaties.

“Although of course we all know that, despite your protestations, you secretly harbour deep-seated feelings for me.”

He added: “It is the great unrequited love story of the airwaves – even if it’s only happening in my head.”

We love these two!