What Not To Wear star Susannah Constantine has debuted a markedly slimmer figure recently – revealing that she’s shed a whopping stone and a half.

The 55-year-old presenter and style guru shared that a combination of an intense diet and gruelling exercise regime has helped her to tone up.

Her motivation kicked in after spotting an unflattering photo of herself in a magazine. And now, she’s gone from a size 16 – to a size 10.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, she confessed, ‘In just three months I’ve lost a stone and a half of flab – a caterpillar-style transformation from a lardy, puffed-up size 16 to a curvy size 10/12.’

Susannah also wrote that although she may wear a bigger dress size than her TV co-star Trinny – she’s now the lighter of the two.

‘Trinny is a skinny size 8, it’s true, but her extra inches of height mean I’m definitely the lighter of the two.’

Trinny and Susannah in 2012

However, it seems the presenter’s stunning transformation hasn’t come easily. The mum-of-three revealed that her svelte figure has only come about after taking on some “drastic and sometimes terrifying measures”.

So what’s the secret to the Susannah Constantine’s weight loss?

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In the piece, she revealed that she’d undertaken triathlons and endurance races, in order to work out her body, as part of her involvement in a fitness challenge for Sport Relief.

Her trainer for the challenge also advised that she could only eat carbs once a day – and would need to train five/six days a week.

Susannah also confessed that she’d cut out sugary foods – although she still allows herself a daily packet of Twiglets.

The fashion guru reflected on her health in the piece, admitting that she’d never had a problem with her weight until she hit mid-life.

She confessed, ‘Quite the opposite, in fact. I ate a heroic amount for most of my life, yet never put on a pound until I hit my 40s.

Trinny and Susannah in 2010

‘That’s when it started to stick. Like countless others, I thought I was immune from middle-aged spread, until I wasn’t.’

After years of brushing off comments, Susannah finally came round to accepting that she did care about being overweight.

She said, ‘It was easier to laugh and say ‘I don’t care’, except that I did care. Very much.

‘In my heart, I knew I was letting myself go and, worse, that I was 90 per cent of the way to the point of no return.’

Well, she’s certainly shaped up now – and we think she looks amazing. Well done Susannah!