She’s confessed to losing 14lb, but our expert thinks Susanna Reid has shed 2st since the start of the summer. Here’s how she did it

There’s no doubt that 47-year-
old Susanna Reid is looking incredible right now – and it’s partly down to her mission 
to give up the booze.

The Good Morning Britain presenter looks noticeably slimmer since returning from her summer break 
from the show and our fitness expert believes she’s dropped to a size 8-10.

So, how has she done it?


Susanna, who is challenging herself to not drink alcohol for the whole of September and is using the app No More Hangovers to track her progress, made the revelation to co-host Piers Morgan that she’s lost 14lb since 
she started her health kick.

But co-hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway tell Woman 
her weight loss began earlier. “It’s over summer she lost it,” Charlotte tells us, with Kate adding, “It’s been over two months – so it’s healthy.”

Having once revealed that she’s 
”not averse to lots of alcohol on occasion”, Susanna’s decision to go teetotal is having remarkable effects on her waistline – so much so that fitness and nutritional expert Laurel Alper thinks she’s lost more than 14lb.

“I think she’s lost about 2st,” Laurel tells Woman. “You can see she looks slimmer, particularly in her face. She’s got a lovely, heart-shaped, pointed face, which was a bit lost before.”


As well as cutting out alcohol, Susanna is avoiding snacking between meals.

“It’s not just cutting out the alcohol that’s done it; it’s cutting out eating between meals,” says Susanna. “Which can be tricky when you’re up at 4am and grabbing calories to keep going.”

“I try to eat well, although it would be easy not to,” she said previously. “The tiredness you experience from the early starts on Good Morning Britain makes you crave sugary carbs and you could make the mistake of constant snacking.”

Instead, she’ll grab a healthy 
meal when she clocks off.

“When I go home, I could say, ‘I’m starving,’ and eat half a packet of 
Rich Teas. Instead, I toast a bit of 
rye bread and have it with poached egg and avocado.”

At just 5ft 4in, fitness expert Laurel Alper doesn’t think Susanna has much weight to lose and says she needs to be careful about losing too much more.

“Susanna was never obese but 
she was heavier and had excess 
body fat. Now she looks so much 
more slender and her waist is more defined,” says Laurel.
“I’d say she’s down to a size 8-10 and is at her goal weight. She’ll want to be careful not to go below that – you can see the lovely shape of her face now.”


Having done countless 10k runs and two marathons, it’s no secret that Susanna likes to keep active in order to maintain her incredible figure – but the mum-of-three doesn’t like to stick to one type of exercise.

“I like to keep my fitness levels high, but I’m not committed to 
one form of exercise,’ she says. ‘Sometimes I’m a Zumba fiend, other times I’ve been passionate about running.”

Despite getting up at 3.45am every morning, Susanna still ensures exercise is part of her daily routine.

“I’ll come off-air at 8.30, then get home to Balham by about 10am. I’ll have my lunch, then get into bed for a nap before the gym 
at 1pm,” she confesses.

It’s definitely working!

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