Susanna Reid has responded to Ben Shephard’s suggestion that she and Olly Murs should start dating.

In a tweet, the Good Morning Britain host quickly rebuffed any ideas that the two could become an item,

It comes after Olly appeared on the show, and co-host Ben had a lot to say about Susanna’s love life.

Olly, who has been rumoured to have dated Melanie Sykes and Amber Davies (to name a few), is currently single.

In a bid to play matchmaker, Ben cheekily commented,

“He’s a very busy man, Olly. So busy in fact that he’s single…Susanna Reid?” while nudging his co-host.

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Susanna, who has been single since divorcing her husband of 16 years in 2014, quickly replied, “No! Why are you telling me that particularly!?”

After Susanna had made herself very clear, Ben declared that he was going to play matchmaker for Olly and a lucky lady. “We’re going to try and find a Mrs.”

Later in the show, Olly admitted that he is “open” to dating an older woman. Susanna, what are you waiting for?!

On the same show, Olly spoke about Simon Cowell, revealing that he hasn’t spoken to his former mentor since he joined rival show The Voice.

“I think what people misinterpret is, when I came off X Factor I wasn’t still part of The X Factor. I went and had my own music career and Simon was never involved in that, really. He was involved at the start of it.

Listen, The X Factor is The X Factor. It’s been a massive part of my life and I still love it. And I won’t stop watching it, but The Voice pay my wages now.”

As for his new role, he definitely finds it fulfilling. “I’ve always wanted to help people. I love the industry I’m in, I love music and coming from The X Factor and having gone through that whole process myself, to come and do this and see all these amazing contestants with their lives changing and taking the same steps that I took in my career, it’s great to be able to do that. I’m loving it.”