Susanna Reid was left flustered after Piers Morgan quizzed her about her bedroom antics on Good Morning Britain today.












We’re used to Piers’ brazen presenting style – and watching co-host Susanna soldier on alongside him – but a saucy discussion today proved almost too much for poor Susanna, 47.

During a risqué chat with co-host Kate Garraway, 53-year-old Piers and Susanna discussed Kate’s new article investigating how 40-plus women know more about sex than the “Love Island generation”.

Piers asked Kate: “Given that they are at it like dim-witted rabbits every second of the day, what is it that you do or know that they are not doing or knowing?”












Kate jokingly replied: “The article is out Sunday and I specifically chose that day for it to come out as I knew I wasn’t working with you on Monday, so I’m furious that they’ve put an advert in today.”

“I’d just like to point out that there is another 40-plus woman sitting at the desk who might like to know this morning,” added Susanna.

Never one to mince his words, Piers turned to his co-host and asked: “Are you more adventurous in bed than Love Island contestants?”












Left blushing at Piers’ forthright question, Susanna replied: “I just want to know what advice Kate Garraway has got for me.”

Entertainment presenter Richard Arnold then asked: “Who is doing bits?” in reference to Love Island’s Do Bits Society.

Piers continued to press Kate about her article, and asked her to give an example of how women over 40 were sexually more advanced than the Love Island contestants.

Kate then attempted to change the topic, exclaiming: “Oh my god it’s breakfast time!”

“Keep it spicy, is that one of your tips?” Susanna cheekily asked, to which Kate replied: “Is that one of yours?”

Richard then interjected: “When was the last time you played vikings and maidens?”

 Susanna laughed: “I like to keep that to myself.”