Love Island seems to have gripped the nation but Susanna Reid has received a mixed reaction after admitting her 12-year-old son watches it.

The presenter – who has three boys aged 12, 14, and 16 – made the confession during a chat about the popular reality show on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain and it sparked outrage from her co-host Piers Morgan.

“You’re letting him watch that programme with people just basically trying to have sex all the time?” Piers asked.

Susanna, 47, then fired back: “They’re not trying to do that! They actually have pretty good morals compared to some of the stuff on television. It’s much more moralistic.”

A despondent Piers held his head in his hands before saying in disbelief: “It’s moralistic… Love Island… all that.”

However, Susanna admits that she won’t let her son watch the show if it gets too racy and switches off should the couples get frisky between the sheets.

“I don’t let him watch it when it gets rude,” she explained. “A little bit later in the series we won’t be watching.”

Piers clearly doesn’t approve of Susanna’s decision though and it divided many viewers too, with some criticising her choice.

“How can she let her 12 year old watch this crap ?” one social media user wrote, whilst another said: “It is not really suitable for children under 14”

And one added: “Why would Susanna let her kids watch this half way through then tell them you can not watch it now. Don’t let them watch it in the first place.”

Meanwhile one simply posted: “It’s not for 12 year olds .. even though it’s my secret shame I wouldn’t let my kids watch it.”

However, others have defended the TV star, with one commenting: “As a mum to 5 teenagers- they hear worse in the playground”

Another posted: “it is just puerile drivel, they can access much worse online”

“And? He can’t exactly be the only one in his school not to be watching? He’ll feel left out!” a fellow fan agreed.

It comes after Susanna defended her fondness for the show on Twitter.

“Love Island: it’s modern day courtship. Some of those involved have high moral standards on sex. Others have a different approach – it’s JUST LIKE REAL LIFE,” she told her followers.

“It’s also great television, a terrific watch & 3 million people agree. DON’T JUDGE ME. Oh go on then….”

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