Susanna Reid has celebrated a mega landmark in her fitness quest – having reached 100 days of sobriety.

The Good Morning Britain host decided to ditch the booze in a bid to improve her fitness and wellbeing – after doctors had advised her to reconsider her lifestyle.

Taking to Twitter, the 47-year-old marked her achievement with a triumphant message.

Sharing a screenshot of her countdown, which has been tracking her sobriety, Susanna shared: “100 days without a hangover!

“Believe me, you can still have fun without alcohol, despite what your co-workers might say.”

Following Susanna’s proud announcement, countless fans have sent kind words to the much-loved TV presenter.

“Congrats! I’m on day 156 and honestly I feel fantastic for it. Best decision I’ve made. Keep going, it’s worth it,” shared one.

Agreeing, another posted: “Yes! I’ve been alcohol free for 43 years and I’ve had a blast!”

A third added: “Well done Susanna I went eight weeks without alcohol and felt great, so must do it again.”

Of course, her GMB co-star Piers Morgan had a little something to say for Susanna’s milestone – having responded with a rather tongue in cheek comment.

Quote Tweeting the message, a sleepy Piers simply replied: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Susanna previously revealed she’d two stone after her doctor warned she was at the top end of the BMI.

During a recent interview on the Is It Just Me? podcast, Susanna opened up about her teetotal status.

‘When you cut alcohol out that is an easy couple of pounds,” she explained.

“As you get older your memory is affected. I just thought ‘alcohol is not great for your memory’,” she added.

However, Susanna still misses a little tipple with her friends.

“I really miss it. When you are in a big social group and the shots come out, I miss letting my hair down,” she added.