Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan are one of the most fiery presenting duos on TV. Susanna is regularly required to put outspoken Piers in his place live on Good Morning Britain, and bares no bones about telling him when he’s wrong.

In fact, the TV star has become famous for her humorous faces in response to Piers. Eye-rolling, exasperation, and hopeless stares to the camera, have all become staples for Susanna, sitting next to Piers every day.

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So, given their famously fraught on-screen relationship, it would make sense that Susanna might be relishing the space and a bit of time away from Piers before their return to GMB after a summer break.

But, to everyone’s surprise, it appears the duo DO actually hang out outside of the show after all!

Ahead of their 4th September return, Piers posted a Tweet displaying a photo of him and Susanna, alongside presenter Richard Bacon, cosying up at a club.

At the Freemans Bar in Soho, Piers captioned the jolly pic, “2.34am. A gay bar in Soho. Good Morning Britain!”

The pair were clearly enjoying one another’s company, and Susanna even posted her own picture of the late night 15 minutes later.

At 3am, she wrote “Reunited for our yearly big night out. Still going.”

Who knew that the pair were actually such good friends outside of the show?

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan’s big return to GMB…

The pair have been away from the GBM sofa for over a month now, taking a break in July. Since then, the likes of Kate Garraway, Richard Madeley, and Jeremy Kyle have stepped in for Susanna and Piers.

But next week, they’ll be returning to their regular slot as hosts.

susanna reid and piers morgan

Ahead of their return, Susanna said, “After a calm and peaceful break, I’m sharpening my wits and gearing up for being back in the hot seat next to the only man in Britain who could start an argument in an empty room.

“We live in interesting times and it’ll be good to be back in the newsroom bringing events to our ‘GMB’ viewers.”

Piers also joked, “Bad news, Britain… I’m back on Monday morning and raring to go like a ravenous leopard. Albeit one with three broken ribs. Brace yourselves…it’s going to be lively.”

So are you looking forward to seeing Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan back on your early-morning screens?