They might have confirmed their split earlier this month but Karen Clifton has just dropped a huge hint that her relationship with husband Kevin isn’t entirely over.

The couple appeared on Wednesday’s edition of This Morning to discuss their upcoming tour – which will still go ahead even though they’re no longer an item – and host Phillip Schofield noticed that Karen is still wearing her wedding ring.

“This has confused everyone today,” Phillip said as he pointed to 35-year-old Karen’s jewellery.

The dancer wasn’t fazed by the awkward moment though and replied: “Well we’re not divorced yet.”

Kevin, 35, is still wearing his ring too and admitted: “Yeah we haven’t really talked about that to be honest. It’s just there and we’re fully focusing on the tour really.”

In fact the pair think the relationship troubles may have added to their creativity when planning the tour.

“It’s bringing more fire and energy into it,” Karen explained, whilst Kevin said: “It’s a crazy time in our life but we feel like it’s unlocked something new.”

Both stars say that they’re in a “good place” too despite the split, which was confirmed after months of speculation about their marriage.

“It’s important to stay positive,” Karen told Phillip and Holly Willoughby. “Mentally and physically it is a tough thing to do but we are both in a really good place and we are both really happy.

“You can go through things and continue working with someone you love very much and that you respect.”

And after so many rumours about their personal life, Kevin admitted that getting the break-up out in the open has come as a huge relief.

“Suddenly there was this massive elephant in the room. Let’s just say it and be respectful to our fans who want to support us and come and see the show,” he revealed.

“The tour has been planned since last year. Dancing is how we met and it’s what our relationship has always been based on. And it will be what we continue to do.”

Fans of Karen and Kevin were left feeling hopeful following the positive interview, with one writing on Twitter: “Karen and Kevin are far to cheery to be getting a divorce. #ThisMorning”

And another said about the idea of them possibly getting back together: “Hope so. They look nice together.”

The Strictly favourites – who married in 2015 – first announced they’d ended their romance during an interview on Chris Evans’ show on Radio 2 earlier this month.

“Privately we are not together anymore but professionally we are stronger than ever before,” Kevin explained.