Strictly Come Dancing’s Mollie King proved she’s just like the rest of us on Wednesday morning when she overslept and ended up VERY late for her interview on Lorraine.

The star’s dance partner, AJ Pritchard was forced to go it alone on the sofa as Mollie slept through THREE alarms.

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To be fair, Lorraine does start very early…

The Saturdays star was supposed to appear on the show to talk about her upcoming trip to Blackpool for the next exciting round of the BBC show.

But she was running so late that she was unable to make it in time for the interview, and was even forced to do her hair and makeup on the journey.

“The poor wee soul she’s slept through about three alarms, there were people banging on the door because she’s so exhausted,”Lorraine laughed as she addressed Mollie’s no show.

Insisting that he was to blame for her tiredness, Strictly pro dancer AJ replied: “I’ve been working her too hard. It’s my fault.”

The 23-year-old later added: “I can feel my phone buzzing in my pocket – that’s probably her now.” Poor, Mollie!

Luckily, Mollie did make it in time for the end of the show and apologised for keeping everyone waiting, explaining: “I’m so sorry Lorraine, I literally slept through everything.”

The tired popstar then faced a pretty awkward conversation with Entertainment Correspondent, Dan Wooton who addressed the question we’ve all been dying to know about Mollie and AJ.‘Doesn’t this prove once and for all you’re not a couple as you’re not sleeping in the same bed?’, he quipped.

And after a load of romance rumours, a rather embarrassed-looking Mollie then hit back: ‘You went straight in there!’, before confirming: ‘We’re just friends, yes.’

FROM: CelebsNow, our sister site. Written by Naomi Bartram.