James and Ola Jordan have some choice words for judge Bruno Tonioli after comments he made about Davood and pro dancer Nadiya Bychkova

We all know that ex-Strictly dancers James and Ola Jordan have some very strong opinions when it comes to the show.

And after Saturday’s show it emerged that the pair are NOT impressed when it comes to judge Bruno Tonioli. In fact, they’ve dubbed him ‘disgusting’ over comments that he made to EastEnders star Davood Ghadami and his pro partner, Nadiya Bychkova.

After dancing the quickstep together – and stripping off during the routine, Bruno remarked that Davood and Nadiya, who are both in relationships with other people, with Davood married, were heading: ‘Straight to the bedroom’.

James wrote in his column for The Sun: “I found it disgusting — let’s not forget this guy is a married man with two children. Bruno may have been joking but they’re joking with people’s lives here.

“He’s dancing with a good-looking girl and producers are trying to make her out to be this maneater which again is extremely unfair on her. These people are married. It’s not right.”

And the public have their own viewpoints when it comes to James’ opinion.
One Strictly fan wrote: “Oh Strictly’s bitter ex rearing his sad, pathetic head.”
Another commented: “Bruno said nothing wrong ! The pair do have great chemistry that’s why they dance so well together. And Nadiya is stunning.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that ex-Strictly dancer James and Ola have been accused of being biased when it comes to Strictly. He was axed from the show in 2014, and wife Ola went on to leave in 2015.

Since departing the show, the pair haven’t exactly kept their mouths shut when it comes to their opinions on the show. And we’re sure more controversial opinions will come soon…

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