The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen a number of times sporting a stunning tiara formerly owned by Princess Diana but what is the story behind the exquisite heirloom? The iconic jewellery piece is known as the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara.


The tiara is a family heirloom, passed down from the Queen to Princess Diana after she married Charles. Now loaned to Kate as a future Queen, it is the second year in a row that Kate has worn the special family heirloom to the event.


The exquisite piece was originally owned, and designed, by Queen Mary. It was made by Royal jewellers Garrard in 1914 using pearls and diamonds already belonging to the royal family.

So, why is the glittering heirloom known as the ‘Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara’? Well, the original tiara was named when it was gifted to Princess Augusta of Hesse, who was the Duchess of Cambridge in 1818. She received the tiara when she married Prince Adolphus.


Although many sources report that the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara was Princess Diana’s ‘favourite’ regal accessory, it is also known that she disliked wearing it too. Diana is reported to have once said that the tiara was so heavy it gave her headaches.


The tiara was kept safe in a vault after Diana’s untimely death. However, Kate has not been officially gifted the tiara since. The Queen often loans Kate her pieces for official events. Find out more HERE!

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