Recently, former X Factor star Stacey Solomon has won herself a deserved reputation as someone who speaks the truth at all times – no matter what the topic.

Since joining daytime TV show Loose Women, she’s opened up about everything from body hair to her sleeping habits, diet, and everything in between.

And she ceraintly doesn’t hold back! In fact, 28-year-old Stacey is practically passionate about sharing – and has found that talking about her experiences with all of lifes little niggles (no matter how embarrassing) is actually totally worth it if it helps others.

She confessed to Woman Online,  “The goal of Loose Women is to have a conversation which could make someone’s life easier.

“Even some of the things I wasn’t comfortable sharing at first have turned out to be subjects that affect other people. And it makes me feel better, like ‘Oh, I’m not the only person who feels like this’. And that’s a lovely feeling – it’s like therapy.”

But if there’s one thing Stacey won’t shy away from, it’s the fact that she’s vigilant about her diet.

No, not maintaining a strict, healthy routine – but relying on a relaxed attitude to eating that she says hopes she can pass down to her boys – Zachary and Leighton.

Stacey’s diet…

Stacey even said that she actively avoids a religiously healthy diet, as she’s keen not to obsess over anything in life.

“I’m not focused on getting in exercise or a healthy diet because I don’t think it’s healthy to focus on anything with regards to eating in an obsessive way. All I try to do is be educated – to educate myself as much as I can on what I need in my body. And then I’ll just be really relaxed about it.”

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She’ll always try to choose the healthier option over that delicious-looking slice of cake…

She said, “I’ll try my hardest to choose good options and eat food that contributes to my immune system. But I also won’t beat myself up if I have a burger, chips or chocolate. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’d rather worry less and eat less healthy, than worry more and eat some kind of healthy, vegan, organic diet.

“I don’t want my sons to ever worry about their weight or muscles either. But I do want them to know about nutrition. I want them to know what will feed their cells, help them function better, rather than for any aesthetic reason.”

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And she’s certainly not one to bow to the pressures of the limelight either, admitting that she’s a big fan of snacking throughout the day – as long as it’s healthy and mindful.

Stacey revealed, “I love a snack. I graze throughout the day. I’m usually really conscious. I try to eat fruit and nuts and things that aren’t too bad for you.”

But what’s her favourite snack? According to Stacey, not much beats a slice of cheese! A woman after our own heart…

She shared, “It’s always nice when something like Laughing Cow cheese comes along and you know you can eat it without feeling guilty about the calories. But I do love to snack. I’m more of a grazer than a three meals a day person.

“I probably am guilty of reaching for a biscuit sometimes.” she confessed. “But I’m also really mindful of what’s going into my body. I do think before I snack – I try not to have too many snaccidents, but it does happen!”


Stacey also admitted that even her fellow Loose Women co-stars, including Ruth Langsford and Andrea McLean, struggle with their bodies.

“I know some really strong, powerful, intelligent and beautiful women who have severe body hang-ups, those I work with on Loose Women. And it’s totally unwarranted. They’re beautiful, they’ve got lovely healthy bodies. It’s not their fault they feel that way, it’s the way society makes you feel.”

But despite the pressures, it seems Stacey is determined to love her body – no matter what anyone might say about it.

“Doing Body Stories [on Loose Women] and having some not very nice things written about me and my body in the press, I just feel like, ‘Actually, I like my body’. And other people should like their bodies. As long as they’re happy, who cares what anybody says you should or shouldn’t look like.

“That’s a really big issue for me. Because I think there’s a lot of pressure on people these days to be thin or curvy, and I think it’s ridiculous.

So which part of her body does she love the most? Stacey confessed, “I like all of my body, it’s alright! I like my legs, I think I’ve got nice legs – even though they’re always hairy.”

Go Stacey!

The Laughing Cow has partnered with Stacey Solomon for its Snaccident campaign in a bid to promote mindful snacking. Visit: for inspiration on how to #snacksmart

Do you snack mindfully? Or are you guilty of eating without thinking about it? Let us know in the comment box below!