The LW star has opened up to her followers

We’re used to seeing our favourite TV stars looking absolutely flawless – so it’s refreshing to know that they also go through the same struggles as the rest of us normal folk.

And one celeb we can always count on to post some home truths is Loose Women favourite Stacey Solomon who’s got honest with her followers about the wonders of makeup.

Taking to Instagram to share a before and after photo, the mum-of-two wrote:This is how I turned up for work (left) and how I went home (right).”
Getting real about her beauty regime, Stacey continued: ‘Black eye, period skin, and just washed, haystack hair… Turned into no black eye flawless skin and soft wavy curled hair.

“I thought I’d put this up just to give anyone who wants to know a bit of reality about the difference that hair and make-up makes not to mention lighting and filters etc.”

Rallying her fans, the 27-year-old added:So the next time you look at somebody in a magazine or on tv or just in you social news feeds and think, ‘God I wish I looked like that’, just think of me and what I really look like underneath all of the sorcery!”

Before hastagging:#Everybody’sHussling”.

And Stacey’s 561k followers were quick to praise the LW panellist, with one writing: “Love this, what a great example and role model #real #true x”.

Another agreed: “Keeping it real. Love your attitude and your positivity”.

While a third added: “Thank you so much for sharing – girls everywhere need to see this kind of post in their feeds!”

Stacey’s post comes as Joe Swash’s girlfriend revealed the “very unglamorous” reason she was forced to cover up a black eye with makeup.

On Wednesday’s episode of LW, she told her costars: ‘This happened on Sunday, and it’s getting worse and worse by the day.

“You know when you wrap up in blanket, and sleigh down the stairs?”

To which a baffled Janet Street Porter replied: “No I don’t know about that!”

Continuing the funny story, Stacey explained: “Come on Janet, you’ve never sleighed down the stairs?

“Anyway, I went down too hard and went straight into the bannisters at the bottom.”

From our sister site, Celebs Now. Written by Naomi Bartram.