Sinitta has always been vocal about her desire to be at judges houses, especially to help out her long-time pal Simon Cowell.

A few months ago she issued a warning to Cheryl to back off of this position but it seems her protests were ignored. She told The Sun: “You can’t look like that, have hair like that, have Liam, have the perfect baby, the perfect body, the perfect face, be a pop star, be drop-dead gorgeous and take Judges’ Houses.

“She [Cheryl] needs to stay in her lane a little bit. I love you Chez but don’t even go there – not that I’m bothered.”

But it seems Sinitta is more than just a little bit bothered… She launched a full Twitter rant after an account tweeted that she had ‘missed out’ this year.

Quoting the tweet Sinitta wrote: “Yes! Ok!! Got It!! Why don’t you add #NurNurNurNurNur! Stick it Up your Nose!”

She continued: “Stop telling me 1000 times. Stupid Bad Mannered Boring Annoying.”

But Sinitta’s fans were quick to get behind the star and reassure her that it is her everyone would rather see. One wrote: “We’ll ALL be secretly (or not so secretly) be wishing it was you though.

Another said: “Would rather be watching you @sinittaofficial! Will be switching off when she comes on 😒

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Cheryl’s fans on the other hand were delighted that the singer and mother-of-one was returning to the show.

One wrote: “Yasss. Queen. It’s always better with her.” Anther said: “THE XFACTOR GOLDEN GIRL IS BACK 🌸💛”.

Cheryl first joined the X Factor in 2008, the year she first met, her now boyfriend and father to her child, Liam Payne who was auditioning for the show.

The Girls Aloud singer left in 2015 to focus on family life and her career. There have been calls for her to return ever since so what will viewers make of her input?

The X Factor continues on Saturday at 8.15pm on ITV.