Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas has praised the team who helped her uncover her family roots – a journey she’s described as ’emotional and ‘inspiring’.

The 57-year-old is star of BBC One programme Who Do You Think You Are, Shirley took to social media to praise those who helped her piece together her family life.

She wrote: “This is a journey I’ll never forget. Emotional and inspiring at the same time. A huge thank you to all the crew and historians who helped put this magnificent journey together. Fascinating. I appreciate and am humbled having the opportunity to discover my roots. Thank you x”

In the episode, Shirley traced her family in the UK and South Africa, and reflected on her newly discovered ancestry.

“I must have got a gene from those women… a survival instinct,” she said.

Clara, Shirley’s great-grandmother, travelled to New York for a new life and she discovers that her great-great-great grandmother, Caroline Otto, was a Muslim.

It’s not the first time Shirley has praised staff. Earlier this month she gave thanks to NHS staff following breast cancer scare.

Sharing a snap of a breast cancer awareness poster, which explains how women can routinely check themselves for any early signs of change in their body, Shirley wrote of her ‘gratitude’ to the NHS.

Explaining her scary order, the Strictly judge wrote: “I had a routine check at the doctors and she was not happy with what she felt and saw in my breast”, before explaining that she was swiftly sent to another hospital for a monogram.

Shirley then urged her follows to act with the same haste as she did, and said: “We go about our daily lives always busy and sometimes ignoring our body. If something changes externally or you have any discomfort at all it’s your body telling you “take care of me’.”

Signing off the important post, Shirley then added: “We have one beautiful body we need to keep it well taken care of. Thank you again to the NHS for being so marvellous.”