Sheridan Smith has revealed she is “feeling great” after seeking medical help for her mental health struggles.

Sheridan Smith

The 37-year-old actress, who is known for her roles in Gavin & Stacey and Mrs Biggs, says doctors care has helped her get back to a place where she is feeling really good.

On becoming an advocate for mental health and talking about it for the first time, Sheridan told Magic Radio: “I guess when you hide something for such a long time, and then people start speculating or saying horrible things about you and you’re trying to understand yourself – but also you know people are perceiving you in a certain way… it’s a process of being able to go, ‘what’s happening, why am I feeling like this?’ and then asking for help.”

Speaking about how she feels right now, the Cilla star added: “Where I’m at right now I feel like this is really good, I’ve got all that under control. I’ve got doctors care, I’m feeling great, I got engaged, I’m in a very happy place, so I’m very happy and you know that’s it. I couldn’t ask for more really.”

The actress hit headlines when she pulled out of a number of shows for West End musical Funny Girl in 2016 due to stress and exhaustion. She later explained: “I just couldn’t continue – I lost my mind.”

Sheridan is currently promoting her new film, The More You Ignore Me, which is based on Jo Brand’s critically acclaimed novel and sees Sheridan play Gina, who suffers from Schizophrenia.

“I’m really hoping this film will trigger people. You know it’s not an embarrassing situation, it’s just an illness. I think it’s just the words ‘mental health’ that make people scared,” she explained.

Sheridan credits music as one of the things that helps her release stress, and in November 2017 she released her debut self-titled album.

“I’m very grateful that I get to have the opportunity to have a go at different things, you know,” she said of her music career.

“When you’re playing a character you kind of immerse yourself into someone else. And that’s the first thing I found quite weird about doing an album was having to be me. But actually I’m filming at the moment in Liverpool and when I’ve finished that I’m going straight into the studio and doing my own music so I can’t wait because that’s a way of releasing stress and stuff and you know putting it into music so I can’t wait, it’ll be nice to do the two opposite things.”

The Lincolnshire born actress will also be busy planning her upcoming wedding after her boyfriend Jamie Horn proposed in April.

Sheridan met the 28-year-old insurance broker on dating app Tinder earlier this year, and is believed to be wearing a £10,000 engagement ring.

At the time an insider told The Sun: “Jamie is very serious about her. He has introduced Sheridan to his mum already. She doesn’t wear the ring on her finger, she’s got a necklace. She wears it there because she doesn’t want people to see that she’s got a ring.”

We’re super happy for Sheridan!